White nail polish will never be outdated, so it will naturally be included in the nail polish trend for spring 2020.

   White nails usually show a passionate and seductive side with just a light brush. The highest level of white nails, with a lovely almond shape, and sexy shine. Many times white is very cute, you can choose soft oval nails, if the white is cool, it is suitable for shorter nails.

  Whether white nails are clean or pure depends on your understanding of nail polish trends for spring 2020. White nails tend to be more clean and beautiful, and many models use almond-shaped nails, painted clean and creamy. On the other hand, if your nails are short, use a white base color to ensure there is enough space between the polishing layer and the cuticle.

 How do you feel about the trend of nail art in 2020? Is there an impulse to change colors immediately?

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